When someone isn’t who you think they are……..


December 8, 2012 by Lisa Lou

So first of all, we finally put up the tree last night. Finally. I don’t know why I put it off so long, it’s not like it’s that hard. I have one of those fake trees that has a million and four pieces. It’s sounds worse than it is, but at the end of the season I’m headed to the Hobby Lobby to get me the tree of my dreams, a 12′ pre-lit that breaks down into 3 or 4 parts. Perfect. Of course it’s $1,000. That would be why I’m waiting until the end of the season. I can’t wait. Next year I’ll be bitching because I need a ladder to decorate my damn Christmas tree, but hey that’s a whole year away. Why worry about it now?

Today was interesting. Gage and Brad were off hunting all day so Gav and I spent the day cleaning and baking and watching TV and playing on Pinterest. Okay so I cleaned and baked and played on Pinterest while Gavin watched TV. It just sounded more like bonding time if I said we did all that stuff together. Gavin really is the most easy-going kid on the planet. If he is here all by himself, you barely hear a peep out of him. He doesn’t get bored. He doesn’t beg for attention. He just hangs out and does his own thing.

Anyway, while Gavin was doing his own thing he got invited to a sleepover in Wellsboro. Because I’m on the PTO board, I know most of the kids at the school and a lot of their parents. I’d heard this particular boy was moving away so I thought nothing of the 40 minute drive to what I thought was his new house.  About half way there, Gav called the boy’s mom to let her know we were almost there. He had her on speaker phone and I realized that the “mom” that I thought was the boy’s mother was not the boy’s mother. The woman that I know has a German accent and has helped out at a few of our PTO events. I felt more than comfortable letting my son go to her house. The woman on the phone sounded as American as I do.

A little panic may have started to set in when Gavin got off the phone and I started quizzing him. The lady that I know is the boy’s STEP mother and I was driving him to a house an hour away that belongs to a woman who for all I know could be a serial killer. I may have tried to convince him to call back and give his regrets that he couldn’t come, but he’d have no part of it. You know in this day and age you cannot just leave your kids anywhere. These people could be meth heads or crack dealers. How am I to know?

Because the friend is a really great kid, I figured we’d drive the rest of the way and if I had any suspicions at that point I’d just explain that I totally misunderstood and that I cannot possibly leave my youngest child in the home of a woman I do not know. It may have embarrassed him, but hey he wouldn’t have ended up chopped into little pieces in a dumpster, now would he? Imagine my surprise (and relief) when the mother came out to the truck and happened to be the older sister of one of my best childhood friends. Feeling much better about the whole deal, I explained my having thought that someone else was the boy’s mother. Funny how that worked out. Phwew.

With Gavin gone and Brad out and about this evening, Gage and I are going to curl up and watch some movies. First on the list is Elf. This would be the movie that made me pledge eternal love to Will Ferrel. Like seriously, if I weren’t married, I’d probably stalk him. I doubt that I’d take it to the point of restraining order or anything, but I’d definitely send him letters complete with marriage proposals every day or so, just so he’d know I was serious.

My computer is about to die so I’d probably better get to publishing this. The charger cord is all messed up and you have to hold it at just the right angle with just the right amount of pressure for it to charge and I’m really not in the mood. Hope you all had a great Saturday. Tomorrow I’m going to do some productive pinterest-ing so we can see if all those tips actually work. See you then.


One thought on “When someone isn’t who you think they are……..

  1. We have those parenting things come up all the time now that the kids are teenagers. The sad part is, we know no one down here really. I never went to school with so-and-so, never knew anyone’s mother, or sister. Gosh, anyone could be a serial killer. So I try to know the parents first, I get to know them, and based on a few meetings I can then determine their “serial killerness” or their sense of pedophilia, somewhat at least. A couple years ago I learned my lesson, you would think that after meeting someone a few times, you would “know” them.My oldest girl, wanted to spend the night with her girlfriend. I got to know the mom, she brought her to a birthday party for my daughter. She seemed great, ya know, over-protective, OCD, all the good mom stuff I like. Well, the girls wanted a sleepover, Dale and I discussed it, I was working at the time so it did kinda catch Dale by surprise when she asked.The kids have that down by now of course, when Mom is away..spring it on Dad. And depending on the topic, vice-versa…and voila…get what you want. Well, Dale called me, we discussed it, I told him, I suppose, as long as there would be parental supervision and he was to walk Miranda to the door and talk with the ‘rents about the plans for the evening. Well, after driving for 45 minutes, Dale finally reached the destination. He walked her to the door, and discussed with “Stepdad” about what the girls had going on. Said there would be someone there, actually both parental units and a cousin was over too. Well, sounds great, and off Dale went, with a handshake and a “you be good, Miranda”. A day later, Miranda seemed odd when we picked her up…a month later…we find texts on her phone from some kid. Turns out, the cousin was some kid from Jersey, that had been in Juvie for drugs. A Bad egg, sent to live with the girl and her parents because his own parents couldn’t handle him. Long story short, my daughters innocents ended that day…cops were called…it was bad. Yeah, there were adults there, but they went to friggin bed at like 8 O’Clock, and let the kids do what they want. UGHHHHH They never once said that the cousin was a 16 year old “Convict”…I NEVER trust anyone, not after that.SCARY parent crap, I am thinking now that Ava is never going anywhere. There is just something about having the kids stay with me..and not hauling my poor children out to the wolves. So that is our new rule. Miranda is fine, everything worked out, my kid decided she hates the whole idea of sex after that little hootinany…”THANK YOU JESUS”. But wow, I never thought I would be so easily fooled.

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