Suck it PETA….suck it hard…

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September 29, 2012 by Lisa Lou

It’s the first day of archery season here in Pennsylvania. That translates to a 5am wake up call for all members of this household, including myself. A little after 6am I sent the three men in my life out into the woods all decked out in camo with bows in tow.

This is the first year that Gage, 12, is a bona fide licensed hunter and he’s super excited to no longer be part of the mentored program. His license carrier holds 4 tags and trust me, he’s itching to fill every single one. Gavin, 10, isn’t quite big enough to pull back the required 35 pounds to hunt with a compound bow, but he’s just as happy to be toting a crossbow. Daddy has his bow too, I’m not really sure why though, because with two very eager sons, he’s not very likely to get a shot.

Opening day of any season are holidays in this house. Gage counts down the days with even more enthusiasm than Christmas. He has had all of his hunting clothes washed and sealed in a tote along with apples and pine boughs to cover the scent of people for weeks and weeks. You won’t find many grown men that take hunting as seriously as my eldest son.

Animal rights activists are appalled by the sport of hunting, which they consider murder. Of course, PETA also likens the killing of broiler chickens to the holocaust. Any idiot with half a brain and internet service can put them to use and quickly determine that the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are actually people with big mouths, very little brain, and absolutely NO standards. Wanna know how many animals rescued by PETA are adopted?? Around 12.5%. Wanna know what happens to the rest of them?? The remaining 88%? They’re euthanized….by PETA. I’m pretty sure if I had an operating budget of around $39 million, I could do a smidge better than that.

With around 2 million supporters worldwide, PETA can’t even handle the 2-3,000 cats and dogs that they manage to “rescue” every year. Yet, they’ll throw red paint on models, and prance naked college airheads around to prove their point. They’ll lash out at farmers and slander hunters. Their ideas for the millions and millions of animals in this country? Let them run free. Sounds all warm and fuzzy doesn’t it? I’m a Libra, I like balance. I prefer my crazy tempered with a gentle grip on reality.

It’s so easy for people to sit in a high rise apartment, surrounded by concrete and judge the way we do things out here in the country. If the only knowledge of hunting you have is the fallacy that is Walt Disney’s Bambi, I guess I can understand. I can assure you that hunting season does not consist of a bunch of gun crazy lunatics shooting haphazardly through the forest, starting forest fires in their wake. More often than not, it is sitting in a tree until you’re sure your fingers will fall off from the cold. It’s staying so long that the squirrels and the chipmunks forget that you’re there and go about playing in your presence. It’s watching deer as they try to figure out what exactly is wrong because they KNOW that danger is afoot. It’s once in awhile that you’re lucky enough to actually get a perfect shot and a pure adrenaline rush knowing that you’ve outsmarted an animal that, unbeknownst to PETA, has every force of nature working in its favor.

If you live in a city and your idea of wildlife is stray cats and rampant rats, it’s hard for you to understand that we have real live wild animals out here. They are not cartoon creatures that are all cute and cuddly. They’re bears that come to your window and take a peek, who get in your garbage, and kill your dogs (okay that doesn’t happen often). They’re deer that ruin your crops and run in front of your vehicle. If you’d ever hear the sound of a deer who has lived through being hit by a pickup or seen the fear in it’s eyes as it struggles to get away when you’re trying to help, you’d understand that population control is necessary to keep them out of the roadways.

If you’re an animal rights activist, don’t go all hating on me. I’m sure you do a bunch of stuff that I hate too. Just know that I am an animal lover. I LOVE my dogs more than I like most people. I am not teaching my children to slaughter innocent animals. I’m teaching my children a love and respect for the great outdoors, and that includes responsible management of wildlife. How about I promise not to kick any puppies and you promise to attack only people who actually kill defenseless animals….PETA, perhaps?

Good luck to all you hunters today. If my crew has any luck I’ll post some pics on my Facebook page, feel free to do the same. If you haven’t liked my page yet you can find it by clicking the f in the very top right of this page. Happy Hunting!

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