Ta Daaaa!!…..


September 25, 2012 by Lisa Lou

Before I start with today’s spiel I want to set the record straight about something: None of my tomfoolery….none of my irresponsible-ed-ness…none of my lazy ways nor nonsensical behavior comes from my parents. I said once that if this were the fable about the ants and the grasshopper, I’m a grasshopper all the way. I sing and dance and play all day and never worry about tomorrow. I’m the queen of the grasshoppers, and my dad is KING of the ants. He works and works and works and works and NEVER takes a break. His house is a doomsday prepper’s paradise. To be clear, Dad is not a doomsday prepper. He thinks that is nonsense. It may be, but in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I know where I’m headed with my bug out bag in tow. Of course, I haven’t made a bug out bag..that would be thinking about tomorrow, now, wouldn’t it?

In one way I am like my father. He, too, is a dabbler. He makes wine and maple syrup and gardens and builds stuff. In years past we had pigs and cows and turkeys and chickens and horses. While I have a tendency to dabble a little, start some stuff that I’ll never finish and then move on, my dad dabbles and finishes what he starts….most of the time. He is also a consummate perfectionist. How I missed this gene, I have no idea. I’d say perfectionism skips a generation, but my sister is perfect too, so I guess it’s just a gene that is depleted after a couple of kids and I happen to be lucky kid number 3.

I took a stroll around and clicked off a few pics while I was waiting to start building today. I sometimes wish I could be so organized and prepared, but then I think of all the work that goes into this and I yawn, and remember to be thankful that my dad is.

On to the building. I managed to purchase all of the materials without any major problems. Dad said he didn’t need the lumber yard to cut the boards. And I’m happy to announce that I stood mere inches from a running saw and all of my fingers are still attached. My mom took some pictures:

Dad cuts……

…….I cringe.

Dad cuts……

…….I cringe.

and so on and so forth until we had six 5’x2″x4″s and twenty-four 15″x2″x4″s.

Mom told me my “cringy” face wasn’t very attractive, so I tried to pose for a better one:

I just couldn’t keep my eyes open…..

Next steps: Dad measures, and drills, and measures and screws….and I sand and sand and sand. I did have to leave because I had a dentist appointment (this is NOT slacking off, one must take care of their teeth, it is VERY important). When I left we had this done:

When I returned I had 3 just like this:

My dad is really and truly an awesome guy.

I brought them home ran a little sand paper over ’em and spray painted:

Okay so I only painted one….that’s why they make tomorrows……

That’s purple by the way, I know it’s hard to tell. (Sooner or later, I’d probably better take a photography class.) Why purple you ask? Well I’m glad you did. Today as I was at the hardware I grabbed me some black spray paint to paint the Snow White mirror. The black sat next to the purple and I had visions of a closet with grey walls and purple fixtures and black accents….black accents like a Lisaland version of a magic mirror. :)

After all that work I’m literally exhausted. My dad? He mowed the lawn, covered all his plants to protect from frost, started getting the boat ready for winter, AND started canning peppers and onions……..he makes me want a nap. Good thing it’s almost bed time. Good night, all. Thanks for reading…..tomorrow it’s off to the laundromat for me…did you think I was going to wash all that stuff one….load…at..a…time? Oh, hell no.

4 thoughts on “Ta Daaaa!!…..

  1. all5girls says:

    You forgot to mention he makes the BEST ham & bean soup on the planet!!! If I ever had to pick another father, it would be yours!

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